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Marvel Avengers Alliance Cheats and Hacks
Credits: Leethax.net
Features by leethax.net
  • Automatically send agents on Flight Deck missions and collect rewards
  • Easily win battles
  • Get any item in the game as a drop in battle
  • Get up to 50 giftable items per day (Norton Shield, First Aid Pack, Restoration Pack, Energy, Challenge, S.H.I.E.L.D. Point, Healthy Iso-8 Silver, Unstable Iso-8)
  • Automatically refresh on errors
Marvel Avengers Alliance Cheats and Hacks Requirements:
  • 2012.06.17 – Improve force drop precision, minimize display duration of mission selector pop-up with Flight Deck automation
  • 2012.06.15 – Game update
Marvel Avengers Alliance Cheats and Hacks Steps:
  1. Open Firefox
  2. Drag The Leethax.xpi on Mozilla Firefox
  3. A popup will appear asking you to install the extension. Click Install.
  4. Restart the Mozilla Firefox
  5. Go to Tool > Add Ons > Extension to make sure its enabled
  6. Play Marvel Avengers Alliance
  7. HAVE FUN!
Press the LeetHax button on the left to access the cheat interface.
Hover your mouse over each option to see a detailed description.
When the “Automate Flight Deck” option is active, you can leave the game open to collect Silver and agent experience over time.
The item getter uses up the daily gift limit (50 items per day). A “Gift not accepted” error most likely means that the limit is exhausted.
If an error occurs during item obtaining, you may find an item with the description “LH_giftBeacon” in your inventory. You can safely accept or discard it, but trying to “return the favor” can result in strange behavior.
Things that are most likely not cheatable:
Avoiding the daily gift limit
Gold and command points (these values seem to be completely server-side, and can’t be earned easily)
Choosing boss/mission rewards (the “randomness” is actually an illusion, the item is predetermined)
Images by starwind23

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Marvel Avengers Alliance Cheats and Hacks
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